Everyone is familiar with the expression, “if the shoe fits, wear it” and the same philosophy is true for trade show exhibits. There are many options from which to choose but which is the best fit for your trade show program? Here are four options to help you discover the right fit for your company.

Just like different shoes are appropriate for varied uses, exhibits offer a variety of fit and style. Your options include custom, modular, rental and portable exhibits. Depending on the scope of your program, you may incorporate combinations of each type to meet the needs of your company. Each type of exhibit can establish branding consistency and deliver your marketing message to your audience.

Custom exhibit designed specifically for your company is the correct fit if you have specific or unique requirements. Perhaps you have a product that requires a custom environment for demonstration purposes. Custom designs can include special presentation areas, video wall integration or other eye-catching features to highlight your company image. If you have technology for attendees to interact with, a custom design can include a special area for this feature.

Modular custom exhibits have a custom feel but offer flexibility to change layouts between shows. If your space needs vary between shows, modular structures can have different size walls, counters, display pedestals and AV areas. This exhibit is typically lighter weight, easier to install and ship than a traditional custom exhibit.

Rental exhibits can relieve scheduling conflicts for overlapping shows or where shipping a custom booth too expensive. Rental properties can be used in conjunction with the exhibit you own if the space size is larger for one or two shows. The majority of exhibits at international shows are rental because unless your company participates in a large number of shows, renting is more cost effective.

Portable trade show booths are attractive for many reasons. Portable displays are lightweight, simple to assemble and transport. There are several accessories that can be added such as bridges, backlighting and counters. These can be very effective at small conferences and regional trade shows.

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