Digital Trade Show Exhibit

Connect with your customers using a digital trade show exhibit. The virtual trade show experience utilizes 3D images of your exhibit to visually connect to share your content. The digital exhibit features include viewing product videos, downloading brochures, chat and email for live interaction with your customers. The hosting timeline can be created to your specification. Avebe, a global leader in potato starch production, wanted to maintain contact visual contact with their customers that could not attend the trade show.

Digital Meeting Services

The digital meeting platform is designed using your corporate identity and to your specifications to reflect the messaging to your audience. Your visitors will view the program and select which sessions they would like. In the reception lobby, a greeter will welcome your attendees to your virtual meeting area. Five minutes before the speaker begins, a signal is given so the attendee can enter the desired session.

Placelyft™ Modular Office Solutions

PlaceLyft™ Modular Office Solutions are designed to elevate your open office into a modern and safe environment at any budget. Personalize your workspace with options like whiteboards, magnetic panels, acrylic sheets, and graphic branding. Most surfaces are non-porous for easy cleaning and can be removed or replaced in minutes. The engineered aluminum frames are lightweight and durable. Assembly is quick and easy with no small parts or pieces. Best of all, the PlaceLyft™ system is design for fast re-configurability as your office environment changes.