The digital meeting platform is designed using your corporate identity and to your specifications to reflect the messaging to your audience. Your visitors will view the program and select which sessions they would like. In the reception lobby, a greeter will welcome your attendees to your virtual meeting area. Five minutes before the speaker begins, a signal is given so the attendee can enter the desired session.

The meeting capabilities include:

  • Reception lobby with hostess/gentleman at your event;
  • Keynote speakers with panel discussion, Q&A's, polls, breakout sessions, etc.;
  • Multiple sessions running concurrently with several speakers at the same time;
  • Participants networking with live chat
  • Sponsor area with live chat, live video and download capabilities;
  • Schedule 1-to-1 appointments with participants, sponsors and speakers;
  • Through the app a week in advance already schedule appointments and compose your own program.

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