“Safety First” is a catchphrase that’s been around for years and applies to many situations. Convention and exhibition centers worldwide strive to provide a safe environment for visitors during trade shows and conferences as well as to everyone in the hall during installation and dismantle. Exhibits are designed and built to adhere to safety regulations so booth staff and guests don’t have to worry about the booth catching fire or structural pieces falling. In addition to exhibit structural safety, exhibit managers need to incorporate venue emergency procedure plans into booth staff training.

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, including your exhibit. Whether it’s a member of your team or an attendee, learn where defibrillators are located and if there is on-site medical emergency staff. Tell your booth staff if anyone on your team has any certifications for CPR or first aid. Everyone in the U.S. knows to dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency but that type of number is different overseas so post those dialing instructions in storage rooms and counters.

“Be Prepared” is the mantra for every exhibit and event manager which should  include a plan for the safety of your staff and attendees. Review the venue evacuation plan including the emergency exits. Just like the airplane announcements, know where all exits are because the closest one may not be available in case of emergency.

Create a crisis plan for your staff that you review and post in the exhibit including:
•    Designated booth safety leader that is in the exhibit at all times
•    Evacuation procedures and map of all exits
•    Local emergency contact information, including dialing instructions, for police, fire and ambulance
•    Procedure for corporate office to be contacted with status of staff member

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