This is the second part of the series introducing American exhibit managers to international trade show management. In the last edition, the terminology differences were outlined to start and this blog will explore the differences and options for overseas exhibiting. When purchasing exhibit space, the choices are raw space or space only, shell scheme or participating in a pavilion. Here is more information on the choices and what to expect.

Space only/raw space:
Raw space is exactly what it sounds like, space only. There will be no pipe and drape to separate exhibit spaces that are typical in American trade shows. There is no “line of sight” rule overseas so plan on building full height walls from the back of the space out to the aisle. If your space is in-line and you plan on taking a pop-up for your back wall, keep in mind the left and right walls of the neighboring stands may have unfinished walls facing into your space so don’t forget to plan for full height sidewalls to the aisle.

Shell Scheme:
Shell scheme space will provide a basic hardwall exhibit. The organizer will outline what is included in the space in the contract, some may include options to upgrade to a package that would include more accessories. A typical shell scheme stand will include the hard walls, fascia with your company name, carpet, some lights, power outlet, reception desk, table, and chairs. Be sure to read the rules or guidelines for a shell scheme stand about hanging graphics or attaching anything to the walls. Upgraded options may include a literature stand, shelving, display cases, and extra furniture.


Pavilions are organized by country so the exhibit space would be included in United States pavilion. In some larger shows, the pavilion may also be product or service specific. Pavilion spaces are similar to a shell scheme space that will include carpet, furniture, lights, power socket and fascia with company identification.

In part three of this series, you will learn about different type exhibits available for your international trade show program. If you want to talk about upcoming shows that you are not sure what choice is best for you, Email us or call 817-370-1400.

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