OPEX® Corporation first partnered with Global Exhibit Management in 2004 for the Parcel + Post Expo in Brussels to demonstrate their mail and document sorting automation technology. Over the years, OPEX® has expanded their capabilities and now is also a world leader in warehouse automation. The OPEX® trade show schedule reflects continued growth and expansion of their technological capabilities. The exhibit design features the equipment to demonstrate the scalability of the OPEX® Perfect Pick® and OPEX® Sure Sort®.

The Gill Corporation is a global manufacturing leader of integrated composites technology and solutions. The size of their space and configuration varies at shows worldwide so a modular design that could easily adapt to the different spaces was created.The exhibit was designed with a clean, open layout to focus customer attention on the product displays including product panels and glass display case to highlight their wide range of products.

In 2005 Nazdar selected Global Exhibit Management as their international exhibit service provider. Nazdar is a leading manufacturer of screen printing, wide-format digital and flexographic inks and worldwide printing supplier. In the beginning, the CMYK color register marks (standard used in the printing industry) were the focal point for their tower which became a signature element for the exhibit. Over the years, as their inks became more eco-friendly the exhibit color scheme was changed to reflect their commitment to the environment and high-quality inks.

Evoqua, a global water technology company, needed a cohesive design for their 100 square meter peninsula configuration that would provide equal visibility for seven divisions.The design created featured three large scale product models, utilizing LED lighting in the columns to create the look of flowing water. The open design included three informal meeting areas complete with mobile charging stations, a private meeting room and storage room.

Vaupell began working with Global Exhibit Management in 2007 for the Aircraft Interiors Expo show in Hamburg. The original exhibit was designed to highlight their high performance plastics and composites. As the company grew, the product display areas increased and a private meeting room was added along with informal meeting areas. The design was updated, after the company was purchased by Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd, to reflect new corporate branding and color schemes to integrate product lines.

Partnering with InFlight Entertainment Products since 2008, exhibit designs have been created in conjunction with product development for LED lighting and inflight entertainment equipment. The first exhibit featured a scaled airplane tail, wings and cabin interior to demonstrate navigation lights and cabin lighting along with retractable monitors. The new products continue to be featured in showcases and wall mounted displays. Graphics highlight product capabilities and FAA regulatory compliance.