Cabeau is a global travel products company exhibiting at shows worldwide in varied space sizes and configurations. “Travel Made Better” branding consistency was the goal at shows in both small and large exhibit space for markets in Europe, Asia and United States. In 2016, Cabeau rebranded with a color change that was reflected in the exhibit as well. The focal point of each exhibit are product displays that encourage customers to experience their wide range of travel products.

IFPL products are centered around passenger connectivity with USB ports, Bluetooth connections and interface solutions. Adapting to unusual venue and booth space configurations including a space between venue columns and escalator featured client products and technology.

The Mobile World Congress is the leading mobile communications show in the world held in both Barcelona and Shanghai. The VISA exhibit design is open so customers can interact with various product displays. There were informal meeting areas, private conference room, large monitors to display product content and kitchen for preparing coffee and food service. VISA branding was prominently featured at maximum heights for increased visibility based on venue regulations.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, which provides commercial vehicle OEMs worldwide with engine braking and valve actuation, exhibits at commercial vehicle shows in Europe and the U.S. The cab of the truck is prominently featured in the booth to demonstrate braking technology. Exhibit designs were built to 4 and 5 meters high incorporating the truck into the space and included display areas to showcase smaller products.

The first exhibit designed for Telefonix in 2007 included some visible product display but also for proprietary reasons, product display areas in a large private meeting room. As Telefonix grew and expanded their onboard aviation products, new designs were created to showcase their technology and color changes. To highlight cabin products, shadow boxes were added to an airplane graphic.

Charles River Laboratories, a medical testing laboratory service, Exhibited in several European shows, with various configuration ranging from small linear configurations to large island spaces. Designs were developed to consistently deliver their marketing message in the exhibit within each exhibit size and venue ceiling height.