Tips To Add Technology To Your Trade Show Exhibit

January 21, 2020 - 12:04pm
depiction of data travelling on the global information highway

Trade shows are a unique face-to-face environment for exhibitors to engage with attendees and customers. Companies can introduce new products, services, and interact with customers. While technology is being integrated in many exhibits, what’s the right fit for your company to deliver your message? Like any business decision, doing the research and setting objectives is the starting point to decide which new technology is right for your booth.


Virtual reality is fun and exciting but will it enhance your exhibit program? If it is not feasible to display your product in the booth, like large, heavy equipment, VR can provide customer interaction in a virtual environment. Is there a physical aspect you can include with the experience, such as a scale model attendee can touch or hold? Combining both “hands-on” with the virtual environment enhances the experience.

New augmented reality developments can be incorporated into an exhibit as well. When augmented reality is integrated into an event app, an attendee can point a tablet at a screen to see a transformation of a physical object. This adds an element of “magic” to your attendee experience.


“Wearables” can connect exhibitors, event managers and organizers. KLIK is one company offering Bluetooth-enabled wearable technology that can be utilized in various ways. Technology can be a light-up button attached to a lanyard, light-up smart badges and vinyl badge sleeves. These wearable devices can use an app to function as a lead retrieval system. After receiving their badge, attendees can “opt-in” to the experience or not if they prefer not to be tracked.

Attendees using an app in conjunction with wearable technology don’t need to keep up with business cards as the app captures and stores the information. Exhibitors and attendees can access data in real time on the app dashboard. Attendees can share information with office staff and export data to a CSM platform as well.

Whatever technology you choose to include, make sure it enhances the customer experience to achieve your marketing objectives and ROI.

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